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Top 10 Hollywood credit card movies

By Jay MacDonald
Published: August 15, 2008

Spotlight: Credit card moviesLights! Camera! Credit card! Action!

Credit cards made their big screen debut as far back as "The Man from the Diners' Club" in 1963, years before BankAmericard (now Visa) and Master Charge (now MasterCard) put the power of plastic into America's pocket.

Since then, Hollywood has depicted countless scenes involving credit card payments, usually as background action, either to inject levity or a slice of realism into the visual storytelling. In fact, it's probably more noteworthy (so to speak) that film protagonists still tend to leave cash on the counter when real life increasingly takes plastic today.

After combing through film archives, we've identified the 10 best credit card movie moments. These are moments in which a credit card took a star turn, either as a plot point, a sight gag, a social comment ... or a deadly weapon.